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Kids First DRC Members

The Kids First Data Resource Center includes investigators and researchers from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, the University of Chicago, Children's National Health System, the Oregon Health and Science University and Seven Bridges. The DRC's mission is to create a central, cloud-based data portal to provide access to clinical and genomic sequence data from dozens of childhood cancer and structural birth defects cohorts, which represent thousands of patients and their families. DRC Member organizations will provide expertise in the following areas:

The Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine (D3b) at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

Leading the operations of the Kids First DRC. The Administrative & Outreach Core (AOC) and the Data Coordination Core (DCC) of the DRC are managed by the D3b Center.

The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Supporting the innovative design and development of the Kids First Data Resource Portal (DRP) and associated web-based analytic tools for Kids First's disease-specific data sets.

University of Chicago

Partnering to manage and optimize the large-scale, genomic data processing for the Kids First initiative. They are also supporting the data coordination efforts by establishing cloud-based, open-source software needed for the operations of the Data Coordinating Center within Kids First.

Children’s National Health System

Supporting project-specific efforts for the Administrative and Outreach Core within Kids First, and is also coordinating additional foundation and consortia-based partnerships for the generation of new, large-scale pediatric cancer and birth defects data.

Oregon Health and Science University

Providing resources and new technologies to the Data Coordinating Center to support community standards and frameworks for reproducible genomic analysis. OHSU also brings a deep knowledge of cross-disease analysis, especially in cancer.

Seven Bridges

Further developing Cavatica, the scalable, cloud-based data-analysis platform using the infrastructure the company co-developed and deployed with CHOP. This platform is helping researchers collaboratively analyze genomic data sets and provides access to Kids First data by the entire scientific community.