Kids First CFDE PowerUp

Supercharge Your Research Like a Pro

Ready to blast off big data analysis?

This summer, join the Pediatric PowerUp training program underwritten by the NIH Common Fund Data Ecosystem (CFDE) and featuring the Gabriella Miller Kids First Data Resource Center (Kids First). Dive into powerful cloud-based platforms that equip you with the skills to find answers faster. This free, week-long program is designed to supercharge your research like a pro in just two hours a day.

Level up your research game.

  • Master the Data: Become a whiz at navigating the Kids First Portal to identify and assemble key research cohorts for analysis.
  • Unlock the CFDE Vault: Discover valuable datasets within the CFDE that perfectly complement your Kids First data.
  • Unify Your Data Forces: Seamlessly combine Kids First and CFDE data with your own using the CAVATICA work environment, creating a powerful, united front.
  • Craft Champion Analyses: Conduct seamless analysis that leverages the strengths of multiple datasets, empowering you to answer complex scientific questions.

Ready to Supercharge Your Research Potential?

When you complete this program, you’ll be:

  • A champion navigator of the Kids First Portal.
  • An expert at building customized research cohorts to target your specific scientific inquiries.
  • Able to easily identify and access relevant datasets from the vast CFDE resources.
  • A master of integrating and analyzing data from multiple sources within CAVATICA.
  • Equipped with a solid foundation to launch future data-driven research projects.

Sign up today and claim your spot at an upcoming CFDE Pediatric PowerUp
and Kids First online course happening this summer:

August 19-23,2024