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For assistance with the Kids First Data Portal, please send us your detailed questions.

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Access Data

File Repository & Filter/Facets

The File Repository is the primary method of accessing data in the Kids First Data Resource Portal. It provides an overview of data available in Kids First and offers users a variety of filters for identifying and browsing participants and files of interest. Users can access the File Repository section from the Kids First Data Portal top menu bars.

On the left, a panel of data facets allows users to filter participants and files using a variety of criteria. If facet filters are applied, the table on the right will display information about matching participants and files. If no filters are applied, the table on the right will display information about all available data.

When the user applies filters, a banner appears above the table displaying the active filters that have been applied and provides access to share and save the query for later reference.

The File Repository section provides access to additional data filters beyond the defaults. Filters corresponding to additional properties listed in the Kids First Data Dictionary can be added using the ALL FILTERS button available at the top of the filter panel.

The button opens a search window that allows the user to find an additional filter by name or value. Not all filters have values available for filtering; checking the “Show only fields with values” checkbox will limit the search results to only those that do.

Data Access Levels

The Kids First DRC supports three different data access tiers.

Kids First as an NIH Trusted Partner

A “trusted partner” is defined as a public or private, national or international organization that is able to meet core NIH standards for establishing data quality and data management service protocols for NIH, based on the programmatic need of an NIH funding Institute or Center (IC)

Bionimbus is a trusted partner that is cloud-agnostic, operated by the University of Chicago, and is powered by the Gen3 software stack

Bionimbus for Kids First fulfills the DRC’s Data Distribution roles in support of the NIH’s current genomic data sharing policies:

  • Data will be maintained through controlled access:
    • A. Permission to access data will be requested through NIH Data Access Committees, per NIH-prescribed processes for the institutional certification of data sharing requests
    • B. Standard telemetry will be used to communicate with NIH systems for authenticating Approved Users through the dbGaP data request process

Linking your eRA Commons Account to Gen3 & the Portal

To analyze data on Cavatica or to download genomic files locally, you must link your Kids First DRC Account to Gen3 via your eRA Commons login.

  1. Sign into your Kids First DRC Portal account.
  2. Navigate to Settings from the upper right-hand corner drop down, under your name.
  3. Under settings, scroll down to the Integrations section. Locate Gen3 Data Commons. Click Connect.
  4. You will be directed to to sign in. Providing your eRA Commons credentials will redirect you back to the Portal and complete your Gen3 integration.

Applying for Data Access

Access to the genomic files requires authorization from the appropriate Data Access Committee (DAC). While most dataset access within the Kids First DRC is granted through dbGaP, there are some datasets whose access is reviewed & granted through consortia DAC’s. Please reference the below table for access management for each of the available Kids First studies. For any questions on how to apply for dbGaP access, please visit their page here.

Dataset Data Access Committee Applying for Access
Genomic Analysis of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia NICHD Data Access Committee phs001110 dbGaP page
Genomic Studies of Orofacial Cleft Birth Defects Joint NIAMS-NIDCR Data Access Committee phs001168 dbGaP page
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Bench to Bassinet Program: The Gabriella Miller Kids First Pediatric Research Program of the Pediatric Cardiac Genetics Consortium (PCGC) Coming Soon phs001138 dbGaP page
Susceptibility to Ewing Sarcoma Based on Germline Risk and Familial History of Cancer Extramural NCI Data Access Committee phs001228 dbGaP page
Pediatric Brain Tumor Atlas - CBTTC CBTTC Data Access Committee CBTTC Request Form