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For assistance with the Kids First Data Portal, please send us your detailed questions.

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This section discusses our processes and release notes on the searchable and downloadable data in the Kids First Data Resource Portal. We are currently in the Beta phase of the Kids First DRP, and we are continuously working on improvements to the quality of our data. As such, the data in the file repository will change regularly as we work through known issues and improve our processing pipelines.

Known Data Issues

Last Updated: 8/6/18

Below is a list of known data issues that we are actively working to resolve.

  • Family Composition: Family Composition search facet is not correctly calculating the the family size (duo, trio, trio+, etc). All files for all families are showing as “other” or “proband only.”
  • Phenotype Observed/Not Observed: This facet available in All Filters is not correctly counting the number of files available for participants whose phenotypes are Observed vs Not Observed across all studies.
  • HPO Values: Some HPO values may be missing or incorrectly assigned. We are actively reviewing and QCing these across all studies.
  • Source Text Tissue & Composition: Values are not consistently assigned.

Notice an issue?

We are continuously looking for feedback on how to make the data on the Kids First DRP more searchable and useable to the community. If you notice an issue, have a question or want to provide a suggestion, please use the feedback widget within the portal or email us at