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For assistance with the Kids First Data Portal, please send us your detailed questions.

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For Developers

The Kids First Data Resource Center is committed to open source development. All of the code powering the Kids First DRC is publicly accessible, open to the community to both use and contribution.

Interact with Kids First Data Resource Center via APIs

Use these APIs to interact directly with the Kids First Data Resource Center.


Interact directly with Cavatica & your analysis projects directly through the API.


Kids First Data Resource Center is Powered By:

These repositories are powering the Kids First Data Resource Center ecosystem.


Need a scalable, stateless authorization service that works with multiple Identity Providers? Provide single sign-on in microservices by letting ego manage authorization through popular IdPs like Facebook, Google, and Github. Read more about Ego here or visit the technical links below.

Documentation Github


Let your users build a personalized profile with highly configurable, schemaless profile metadata management



Gen3 services and APIs support the Kids First Data Resource Center by providing digital object services, authentication, and authorization that allow interoperability between existing and future data commons that use the same standards.

Documentation Github

Kids First Data Resource Center Data Service

The dataservice is the primary hub of retrieval and creation of Kids First data via a participant centric data model, a REST interface and HTTP requests.