Sequence Data & Sequencing Centers

The Kids First Program generates high-quality whole genome sequence data and, in some cases, whole exome and transcriptome data for tumors or affected tissue to discover genetic variants that contribute to pediatric conditions. Making these data as accessible as possible to the research community enables researchers to easily compare datasets for cross-dataset analyses. For Germline or Normal DNA is typically Whole Genome Sequenced at an average of 30X coverage. A variety of approaches may be taken for sequencing of tumors or affected tissue, such as 30X whole genome sequencing, combined with 100X whole exome and 100X RNA sequencing.

DNA Sequencing Stock

Four centers were selected to perform the sequencing for the Kids First Program:

Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard (link is external)
  • Stacey Gabriel, Ph.D., Senior Director, Genomics Platform
  • Michael Talkowski, Ph.D.
  • Daniel MacArthur, Ph.D.

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