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Dr. Eric Bogenschutz is a Postdoctoral Associate studying the genetics of congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) in Dr. Steve Murray’s group at The Jackson Laboratory. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Bioengineering from Montana State University in 2014, studying the diverse population of microbes that can survive in the extreme temperatures within the hot springs found throughout Yellowstone National Park with Dr. William Inskeep. Dr. Bogenschutz then moved into pediatric genetics working in the laboratory of Dr. Joshua Schiffman at the University of Utah, studying Ewing Sarcoma as an undergraduate summer intern.

Dr. Bogenschutz earned his doctorate from the University of Utah in 2020 working in the laboratory of Dr. Gabrielle Kardon. His dissertation is where he began studying the complex genetics of CDH, investigating the spectrum of genetic variants that may contribute to the defect in humans. He also developed methods to culture and study the critical cells that the diaphragm derives from, and how these cells are potentially altered in CDH.

His current research focus is to both continue studying the complex genetics underlying CDH and to begin exploring how CDH develops using the state-of-the-art mouse genetic tools and resources available at The Jackson Laboratory. Through precision genome-editing technology in the mouse Dr. Bogenschutz studies the impact predicted damaging patient genetic variants have on embryonic development. Along with patient specific variants he uses mice with loss of function gene variants to study how and when normal diaphragm development is altered, leading to CDH.

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