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Cynthia Morton, PhD and Jun Shen, PhD

“ Kids First is a valuable program for studying hearing loss as it brings us ever closer to a genomic future in newborn hearing screening for deafness. ” - Dr. Cynthia Morton

“Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Program is invaluable because it offers an opportunity to identify genetic causes of birth defects and pediatric cancers using the most comprehensive genomic analysis technologies. The research program brings together experts of different backgrounds to contribute to a resource sharing platform. It will not only elucidate molecular mechanisms of normal development and disease processes, but also guide the development of novel therapeutic approaches to improve the quality of life to benefit every family.” - Dr. Jun Shen

Drs. Morton and Shen’s research focuses on the genetic causes of hearing loss. Dr. Morton is launching a study to integrate genomic sequencing into newborn screening and evaluate its clinical utility in the care of deaf babies. One of Dr. Shen’s major efforts is to develop an international deafness and hard of hearing registry to study natural history of hereditary deafness and to empower future genetic-based clinical trials.

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