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Utilizando datos existentes sobre cáncer pediátrico del Programa de recursos de datos Kids First de Gabriella Miller

Childhood cancer and birth defects are leading causes of childhood mortality, and studies suggest that birth defects increase pediatric cancer risk. El primer programa de investigación pediátrica de Gabriella Miller Kids (Los niños primero) seeks to alleviate these conditions by building an expansive resource of genetic and clinical data from patients with pediatric cancer and birth defects and their families. This article describes the data and support provided by the Kids First Data Resource Center and the Kids First Data Resource Center Data Resource Portal, which enables the public to review Kids First studies and request access to individual data. The Kids First Portal contains data from more than 34 000 participants and connects with CAVATICA (Seven Bridges Genomics, Inc, now part of Velsera), una plataforma de análisis e intercambio basada en la nube. Researchers have used Kids First data to investigate a variety of cancers and further funding opportunities are available. The Kids First Portal is a unique resource that unites pediatric cancer and birth defects to uncover their genetic etiology and improve patients’ vidas.

Published by Oxford University Press 2023.

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