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Connecting Platforms

When logging in for the first time, users have access to browse the full collection of participants, biospecimens, genomic files, and variants in the Kids First Portal. While browsing is immediately unlocked, two additional connection steps are required to use controlled access data and move files out of the Kids First Portal. After arriving at the Portal Dashboard, these unplugged connections are represented by two major cards on the screen.

The Kids First Portal Dashboard in an account that has not set up connections for Authorized Studies or CAVATICA Projects. Clicking Connect in each of these will begin the process of integrating the Kids First Portal with other software tools to enable its full functionality.

Authorized Studies via Gen3

As described on the Accessing Controlled Data page, access to controlled-tier Kids First datasets is available through application on dbGaP. If approved, access is granted via the submitter’s NIH eRA Commons ID. This step connects a user’s Kids First Portal account with their NIH eRA Commons ID. Similar to showing a passport at the airport, it allows the Portal to understand that users are permitted to interact with controlled-access data files on the Portal.


After logging into the Portal, you will land on the Dashboard which holds information about the data available on the portal, multiple redirects to the Data Exploration page, and several cards that require you to connect to either your eRA account or CAVATICA account.


Click Connect in the Authorized Studies card to bring up two Framework Services options. Click the toggle button for Kids First Framework Services first.

Two framework services for connecting a user’s eRA Commons ID to their Kids First Portal account, allowing access to controlled-tiered data.


After being redirected to the eRA account login page, sign in using your eRA account credentials.

The NIH eRA Commons login page.


If successful, you will be redirected to the Framework Services options. Now click the toggle button for NCI CRDC Framework Services.

The Kids First Framework services has been successfully connected.


Login again using your eRA account credentials where requested. You may also be asked to authorize a software tool called Gen3 help facilitate the connection.

Gen3 is a software tool that facilitates the connection between eRA Commons and Kids First Portal accounts.


If successful, return to the Dashboard. The Authorized Studies card should now show Kids First studies which you have been approved to access.

Successfully connected Authorized Studies card.

Cloud Analysis via CAVATICA

The CAVATICA Cloud Platform is a cloud-based data analysis and sharing platform that allows users to analyze data from Kids First along with their own files. Connecting a CAVATICA account is required for data analysis, either on the platform in the cloud or locally through a data export.


Again from the Dashboard, Connect in the CAVATICA Projects card. This will redirect you to the CAVATICA Login page.

The login page for CAVATICA.


Log into a CAVATICA account using an eRA Commons ID or email address. If you do not have a CAVATICA account yet, you can sign up for one for free. Details on signing up are available in the CAVATICA support documentation.


As with the Authorized Studies connection, you may be asked for your eRA Commons credentials or to authorize Gen3.


If successful, return to the Dashboard. The CAVATICA Projects should now show the CAVATICA projects that the account has access to.

Successfully connected Authorized Studies card.

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